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Original title: Two goals alone! Neisho challenged Messi in the air and was injured by opponent's flying shovel

原标题:两个目标! Neisho在空中挑战了Messi,并因对手亚搏app网址下载的飞铲受伤

The South American Division of the World Preliminary officially kicked off. The stars are shining, and the most concerned is undoubtedly the top brands of Argentina and Brazil, Messi and Neymar. Argentina defeated Ecuador 1-0, and Messi scored the only goal of the game; Brazil, who debuted the other day, swept Bolivia 5-0. Although Neymar did not score, he also scored two goals. ball. The two superstars have a dialogue in the air, it can be said that the outcome is difficult to distinguish.


Neymar went all the way with Paris to reach the Champions League final last season. Unfortunately, he was finally defeated in the peak duel with Bayern and missed the title. At the beginning of the new season, the Brazilian vowed to make a comeback. Unexpectedly, he suffered a suspension and panic, and he was not fully resurrected until the battle against Angers. Today, the five-star Brazil has once again started the World Preliminary Tour, and Neymar, who has played for the country, is obviously the most critical as the leader of the team. Fortunately, the Paris superstar did not disappoint.


Brazil VS Bolivia, the South American boss played the bottom of South America, in the eyes of many people, there is no suspense in such a duel. The only thing that can become the suspense of this game, I am afraid that only Neymar can attack Ronaldo's miracle. Statistics point out that since the national team debut in August 2010, Neymar has played 101 times on behalf of Brazil before this game, scoring a total of 61 goals, temporarily ranking third in the team history scorer list, and Ronaldo, ranked second, is only one goal away. Now, with the final whistle of the referee on duty, the suspense has finally been revealed.


In fact, before the game, Neymar was reported to be unwell and may miss the game. But what is unexpected is that the Paris star not only did not miss due to injury, but also ushered in a big outbreak in this game. According to statistics, although Neymar failed to score a goal in this game and failed to surpass Ronaldo’s miracles, he still delivered a perfect answer-23 attempts, 18 successes, and one after another. 2 assists! In other words, a large part of Brazil's 5 goals came from Neymar's credit! Firmino’s second personal goal came precisely from Neymar’s cross from the left, and Coutinho’s goal with a header to secure the victory also came from Neymar’s precise delivery from the left side of the penalty area. Pass. Counting these two assists, Neymar's assists in the world preliminaries have reached double figures, reaching 10 times.

实际上,在比赛之前,内马尔据报道身体不适,可能会错过比赛。但是出乎意料的是,这位巴黎球星不仅没有因伤缺席,而且在这场比赛中迎来了一次大爆发。据统计,尽管内马尔未能在这场比赛中进球,也未能超越罗纳尔多的奇迹,但他仍然提供了完美的答案23次尝试,18次成功和一次又一次的成功。 2次助攻!换句话说,巴西的5个目标中有很大一部分来自内马尔的功劳!菲尔米诺的第二个个人进球恰好来自内马尔的亚搏彩票登录左路传中,库蒂尼奥的头球取得了胜利,这也来自内马尔从禁区左侧的精准传球。通过。算上这两次助攻,内马尔在世界预赛中的助攻数已经达到了两倍,达到了十倍。

Throughout the entire game, Neymar was dashing across the screen, with quick breakthroughs, exquisite crosses, and impressive picks. In order to prevent Neymar, several Bolivian defenders did their best and even "unscrupulous" for this. The most obvious one appeared at the end of the game when Neymar dribbled the ball on the left to stop the Brazilian. With the ball advancing, Bolivian defender Vaya made a fierce shovel. The former was suddenly hit by the "black foot" while dribbling the ball at high speed. He slammed on the grass several times and was almost injured.




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